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Smile My First Post! On My First Build!

Recently I got the motorized bicycle bug, lololol. I here it's not fatal if your patient, careful and listen to all the vets on these forums. First let me say thank you to all the information all of you have provided. I started a cruiser build in January, hard to believe but it still isn't finished. I finally got it running a few months ago and have ridden it a lot. Strangely the more I ride it the better it gets. I've worked in the mechanics and electronics industries for over 50 years, oops gave my age away lolol. Anyways I feel like I'm back in school. It's great, I can honestly say I'd rather have my motorized bicycle than my mini van. The best part to all this besides the fun in riding again, yeah I'm an old biker lolol, anyways the best parts are the design and fabrication for me. Ive put a few videos on You Tube, my channel is the same name AssembleThis. Presently I'm designing a 12 volt system for the bike and an internal skeletal system for my saddlebags. I've made a new sound deadening system and a gas tank harness that I've never seen and will be posting the video for sound deadening system soon. I apologize for the quality of the videos, I'm still learning how to use that new HD digital camera.

1st video posted.

Last video posted.
Sorry I tried to add pictures and link the videos but haven't figured how yet.
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