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Default Re: Splitting the crankcase

Originally Posted by Blm25super View Post
Thx dave i just emailed him
didnt get your e mail... just pm me and i will list my parts source.....
well most of the single pieces are ordered from

aas you can see you can seperatly order a 38mm or 40mm full circle crank with ether a long or a short rod, and you can order the rods seperatly ... this allowes you to build what you want in whatever case ... this site has a lot of good parts and a great variety of them too including 40mm spaced intake jugs !

other than that if i want to order a full all together GT5 its through gasbike or whereever i can find one LOL

but if you know how to punch out the bottom end bearing on the crank and remove the con rod or your dareing enough to DIY then you can convert a GT5 crank to use a standard PK80 pisston and jug by swapping con rods and pistons thus making the future procurment of parts mutch easyer.

if its a new crank and con rod your after then they have it it will be a...
38mm sroke full circle crank, with the long 115mm rod, and you will need a high wrist pin piston, and i sugest you run a better needle bearing since you mentioned your gonna run a fred top end !!!!!!

you can get the needle bearing through treatland its a puch moped bearing i forget what number though .... a quick search should bring that right up.

just do not buy a grubee unless it comes with the CNS V3 carb !!!! this is not me saying it, to get you to use that carb its actually because those that came with that carb are the better quality ones, beter bottom ends !!!and large bore long Z intakes!!! and if you can get through the cns v3 tunning you will get more responce from it than an NT and more top end also in my opinion.
here to stay and compleatly insane ! deal with it lol

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