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Default Re: Shifter Kit Overall Good but 1 issue

Originally Posted by fm2200 View Post
Are these gas bikes doing well in England and your opinion do think they will be a commercial success? Your country and the rest of Europe has endured extremely high petrol prices, I would think that this would be great alternative to getting around at fraction of the cost. I do not think however that your that your comments are significant when you speak about this jackshaft.
First off their are several complaints about their inability to perform as intended. Many people will not venture to try it cause its a relatively new idea, and the only ones I believe that will try it would be guys with extensive mechanical background.
Well these bikes enjoy a long and illustrious history here in merry England. So far things have been ticking over nicely. Similar to Jim, we qualify our buyers as we too do not suffer fools gladly and can spot a potential troublemaker a mile off.

I agree with jason in that i have never read or heard a complaint that the kit did not perform its intended function. The only issues i am aware of have been with the chain length.

These kits are so well put together, with such high quality components, you wish your engine were made of the same stuff, that said, you'd also have to pay a price to match!

Many thanks indeed pablo&co please expect more business from us in the near future.
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