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Default Re: Help - Help Me Get Motorized

Ok, I've come down to two choices and I'm having a hard time deciding, so any help would be nice,

Its between two sellers, Dax and a Ebay seller

Dax, it'll cost me $225 for the kit and I plan to spend 100 to 150 on a bike,
Issue is, one, their still waiting for parts in the mail to have kits to sell, two, they can't seem to offer much help in deciding on what bike to buy before I actually have the motor in hand and even then it seems my best chance is to bring a cardboard cut out of the motor to walmart and hope that works.

Second choice, Ebay Seller
They sell both the kit and bike together, though I still have to put together both the kit and bike but every thing is there and I know the bike will work with the kit,
Issue is, it'll cost me about $50 more, that may not seem much but that's $50 I could use to buy the gas tank to mix fuel and grease.

Any one want to throw in their two cents?

My budget is now $415

Lastly, does any one know of a 33cc motor bike kit, that doesn't come from china?
I know a few here think it'd be under powered but I've had a 33cc scooter that got me around just fine, honestly, I just need a kit that'll push me around at or faster then peddle speed, I don't need to go fast, just need to be able to get to and from point A and B, which should be only 12 to 16 miles a day, more if I want to head to the store too but shouldn't be much more then the 12 to 16 miles.
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