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Talking Re: Another 5 Star rateing for Jim's Clutch Kit!

Originally Posted by jasonh View Post
Yeah my chain actually hit the back of the cover as well. No biggie. Kind of to be expected with these motors. They're like snowflakes
Pretty much they are, i was disappointed to find out you cant bore the cylinders out and add a new lining down the line. but for $50 a engine who can complain... One thing i remember from a few month's ago i had to get my friend to Mig weld the clutch arm to the cam do to the texturing becoming striped out i distinctly remember the grinding click click click sound that made my heart jump up into my mouth thinking something catastrophic happened to my engine, boy oh boy was i relieved when i found out it was such a easy fix. Now on the subject of replacement aftermarket parts.... What and how would you go about machining something like the clutch cover assembly? Would it not be the easyest way be by sand casting, or machining. I do understand theirs going to need to be some machine shop work to clean it up a little after casting the cover. And the cam well you wouldn't want to cast that it would be more of a job for a Gingery Engine Lathe.
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