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Default Re: Bicycle Insurance

Originally Posted by biknut View Post
Thanks for your report holdemo, that's very informative. I may reconsider buying this insurance.

And also welcome to the forum.

Oh, 1 advice about locking a bike that lots of people ignore and will get into trouble with getting the insurance company pay up the claim.

If you are riding a bike and decided to go to a cafe and chain it outside : 2 things to remember.

1) Use a lock that is "designed for bicycles", usually it is mentioned on the package. Might be a surprise how many locks look like they are for bikes but they are not. Its a factor for insurance companies. Stick to brands that are known for good locks , like Kryptonite.

2) If you buy a lock - keep the receipt or make a photocopy of it. You will attach it to the claim.

3) It has to be locked to an "immovable" object, like a post or a bicycle rack. If you lock your bike to another bike (or a motorcycle ) and it gets stolen - you will not be paid.

4) If you are still afraid for your bike , lock it right next to a cheaper bike with cheaper lock. Remember , ANY lock can be broken into , no exception. It is just a matter of time a thief has to invest in it and tools he has on him. So if he will see an easier prey next to your bike - he will go for it.

When you will buy a lock - sellers will claim that locks come with bicycle insurance in case of theft. And this is true to some extent. They will only talk to you if you will present them a broken lock. Otherwise there is no proof that indeed this particular lock was on the bike at the time of theft. The problem is - a thief NEVER leaves a lock behind. They do that to not cause suspicion.

Scenario 1 ) You see a person who unlocks the lock - drops it on the ground and goes away on a bike - obvous thief - call cops
Scenario 2 ) You see a person who unlocks the lock - takes the lock with them and goes away on a bike - much less suspicious , could be the owner of the bike , you never know.

Hope this helps.

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