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Default Re: Need a lil help here

Originally Posted by Nghtrider62 View Post
CDI Unit arrived in the mail 10:45 am this morning had the back tire fixed by 2:00 went to my appointment on it's first ride. It did great, **Can't get it to idle just yet thinking it will once it's more broken in. ** I hope lol
Every time I come to a red light or stop sign and pull the lever in and it stalls, In order to idle I must throttle it.
Have you tried adjusting the idle speed screw? Turn it clockwise to increase idle speed, counter clockwise to decrease it.

If the idle is still too slow with the screw adjusted in, clockwise, it's possible your clutch cable is too loose and not disengageing the clutch completely when you come to a stop.

If you lift the rear wheel off the ground and squeeze the clutch lever the wheel shouldn't spin with the engine running. If it does the clutch is dragging and that will cause your engine to stall at idle with the bike stopped. You'll need to take the slack out of the cable.

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