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Default Re: Shifter Kit Overall Good but 1 issue


On the internet it is very difficult to separate the cobblers from those with mechanical aptitude. On the internet the worst of the cobblers can appear to be a mechanical genius to the unknowing masses.

Until you have actually installed one of the shifter is asinine to post an opinion or relay info from cobblers about SBP's product. I can guarantee you without a doubt that not one mechanically inclined biker has had a complaint about this kit!

milegajo is right! These bikes are assembled by us, (the non-cobblers), they are not manufactured as complete units for the benefit of providing instant gratification. If you are unable to do it...leave it at that....and stop interjecting!

Basic mechanical ability is required to install the Chinese kit...The guys at SBP have done a far superior job in terms of quality and documentation than any of the Chinese, "engine kit", factories could ever hope to accomplish.

I have had a 2% failure rate so far with my clutch kits, and I consider that excellent considering the application.

SBP has an excellent record of both overall product satisfaction and customer service/support.