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Default Hi from Canberra Australia

Hi everyone, I've recently become addicted to these things!- It started 3 months ago when I found a website in oz ( with jackshaft shift kits and engine kits ($120 & $220) available - I sent them a heap of cash but have only recieved some of the things I ordered and some of the components were crooked/bent or otherwise completely inoperable and unrepairable... moved right on from that obstacle, -bought an engine kit from zues industries- it was a little better - then I discovered the SickBikeParts web site and engine kits(black only) available from an Australian Ebay seller (A&S Powersellers). The black engine I got from ebay turned out to be soo much better I had to buy another one! As for the shift kits from sickbikeparts they were top notch- I have two and a third is on its way!
So any way I currently have:
-A ten speed malvern star mongrel ATB which needs a new clutch centre and for a shift kit to be installed!
-A ten speed Repco ATB(although now it's only a 5 speed as I removed ther front derailier and used the left shifter as the clutch lever) This bike has a wonderful creations lighting kit (which works well), a pain in the ass jackshaft bracket made up of 3 seperate pieces and an extremely gutless engine.
-A 21 speed Apollo mountain bike (with a very large size frame- I'm 6 foot tall). I have started pulling this one back apart to intsall a shift kit!
-A 21 speed mongoose. This is the latest and best one I have made so far. With a jackshift kit and no front derailliuer it has seven gears operated by an indexed thumb shifter on the left handlebar. I have changed the left jackshaft gear from a 17 to a 21 tooth cog and the right one from 10 to 9 teeth and have it turning a 44 tooth chain wheel so I can ride using the pedals and engine simultaneously (-but it's very hard to start!) The original brakes are hooked up to a dual brake lever and I have fitted a $79 lightning ignition kit. I have fitted velocity wheels with Maxxis 2.7" tyres which I run at 25psi giving me a plush comfy feel.
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