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Default Re: What got you into all this trouble?

Originally Posted by KCvale View Post
Wow I wasn't expecting that.

I just find it polite to break up the text a bit so the reader doesn't loose his place while reading as I usually do when it's 20 or more run on sentence lines.

I suppose I should probably break down and get a couple new LCD displays as the CRT monitors I have now are a good 15 years old if not 20 and my eyes (and attention span) aren't what they used to be ;-}
No harm no foul...
I know some of my posts can get rather lengthy but that's my way of making sure everyone understands what I'm getting at, especially if someone asks me a technical question, be ready to get a few paragraphs worth of the how and why things work a certain way etc...
Sometimes when I get on after woring all day my attention span is way short but I'll usually just go back and read it all the next day or when I have more time for reading etc...
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