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Default Re: too rich fuel mix?

Originally Posted by Goat Herder View Post
Right about now I think it would be important to say. Consider manufacture's recomendations for their oil is most important advice for many a newbee in light of all the potiental confusion.
This is probably the best advise out there... Each oil is formulated to run best at the ratios they're designed for and the most simple basic way to do it is to follow the manufacturer's specs until you get a really good idea on what will work for your specific needs... aside from all the different advise given in the forums, the best advise is usually right there on the label of your favorite oil... then there's plenty of arguements on which oil is best etc, etc, but following the manufacturer's advise first will usually keep you from burining up your engine from not enough oil or smoking all over the place, running too lean, and fouling plugs etc from too much oil.

I'm not saying to only follow the manufacturer's specs, but to do it until you got a really good knowledge of what you're doing and/or you can totally trust the guy in the forum telling you different. Once you get to know what you're doing then you can experiment with other ratios and adding castor oil, methanol, nitro etc, etc, etc...
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