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Talking Re: too rich fuel mix?

Originally Posted by Goat Herder View Post
Put all your stock jets back in those 100 to one motors and get back with us. I seam to remember you posting forever how you were very happy after that? What happened?

Also wanna say that the bigger the carby the more fun this phenomena can get on these tiny little engines. Got about 4 19mm's and two 21mm's out of all of them my Dellorto PHBG is by far my favorite to date!

Manufacturer's oil specs is definitely the place to start!!
I have no idea what you're talking about with me posting about going back to stock size jets in anything, not one single time have I ever posted a comment about that and since 2009 I having been soldering and drilling the jets for all of my engines.

Myself and Tom are usually always the first to point people toward soldering and drilling their jets inorder to get the correct size for their engine setup and all the other factors that require tuning the carb to.

Bottom line is tuning these little china girl engines to run like they should with the right Fuel/Air ratio is very simple and easy to do and I have never advocated in any way that using the stock jet size was the way to go on any engine I have or anyone else for thank matter.

No need for this conversation to continue since its not important and the viscosity thing dont mean didly squat to me, getting the ratio right on these little hunks of junk is a very simple thing to do no matter what oil is being used as long as someone isn't piling it on with the overkilling 16:1 mix.

no need for anyone to get all wound up and overly technical about things that dont mean much to most and will not in any way help someone get their carb tuned properly.

Peace, Map
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