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Default Re: too rich fuel mix?

Originally Posted by mapbike View Post
honestly Im not to sure about any noticeable viscosity differences that could be realized between Fuel/Oil mixes since the actuual amount of oil that is in the fuel is so little compared to the amount of fuel and the oil is so dissolved in the fuel, but I do know that no matter what mix ratio is being run, it is important that the carb have the correct jetting for that mix along with several other deciding factor.
Put all your stock jets back in those 100 to one motors and get back with us. I seam to remember you posting forever how you were very happy after that? What happened?

Also wanna say that the bigger the carby the more fun this phenomena can get on these tiny little engines. Got about 4 19mm's and two 21mm's out of all of them my Dellorto PHBG is by far my favorite to date!

Manufacturer's oil specs is definitely the place to start!!
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