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Default Re: too rich fuel mix?

One is thinner one is thicker. That don't take a rocket scientist to figure out? Simple physics. Ever try cramped hands on a oil bottle only to find out the harder you tried it fought back. Some oils react differant under pressure too.

equal amounts of vacuum through "cute little orifice?" Here is a nonchalant answer to loading that vacuum up. Represents a static load on the oil. IMO

If I went to school as a engineer? I am sure they would teach me this stuff

higher pressure causes the viscosity to increase....

Taken from here...

I am not saying that is a only effect of course fuel has been oiled down.. I stand by viscosity being a contributing factor as well.. These both work hand in hand perfect. The outcome of said effect. Leaning out a mixture poteintally wrong.

Lets not forget stuff like altitude, Jet size, temp..... heck the list goes on.

Right about now I think it would be important to say. Consider manufacture's recomendations for their oil is most important advice for many a newbee in light of all the potiental confusion.

How about a fellow tuning his carb for the wrong oil ratio. I have done it. Takes a fellow awhile to figure it out but that gunks things up. If the oil flash point is right and fuel ratio optimal? That motor should stay clean!! Run baby Run
Still gotta have a since of humor.

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