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Default Re: too rich fuel mix?

Originally Posted by rogergendron1 View Post
adding more oil actually leans it out !!!

...wich mix would run richer ???
the 100:1 !!!! why because there is more gas in the fuel

so remember adding oil actually LEANS OUT YOUR MIX !!!!!!!!
...yes & no, when using the terms "rich" & "lean" to describe oil to fuel ratios, then there's a bit more to it then that.

To carry the example;

more oil = less gasoline per volume, lean fuel/oil mix or rich oil/fuel mix
less oil = more gasoline per volume, rich fuel/oil mix or lean oil/fuel mix

...but fuel/air mix rich or lean is yet another aspect entirely and although loosely related to premix ratios, should not be confused with the others as fuel/air mix supersedes all else and even the smallest of changes in that has far more profound effects then comparatively minor variances in premix ratios.

You can after all easily have a "rich" oil/fuel mix and a "rich" fuel/air ratio (& vice versa, etc.), depending on the carb's settings and your premix both.

I try to avoid the terms "rich" & "lean" when describing oil/fuel ratios as it's so much more common to be referring to the fuel/air mix, it's just too confusing for others unless specified clearly, exactly what aspect is being referred to & why.

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