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Default Re: What got you into all this trouble?

What got me started in all this was one night I was looking on ebay for something and one of these motorized bike engine kits came up on my suggestions so I clicked on one and then checked out a few youtubes on these.
I still wasn't fully interested but a friend of mine at work mentioned that we needed to come up with some projects to do since I was supposed to teach him how to use a TIG welder. I was looking at welders on ebay again trying to find him a good one that could also weld aluminum but not break the bank to buy... and another one of these kits came up on my suggestions list. This time he saw it and I kinda jokingly said "why don't we build a few of these kits and then we can find a big empty parking lot and race them"?
He looked at me and instantly said "Yeah.." so we talked more about it over the next few days and we were making up some ground rules on how we were going to set up the bikes like a stock class and a modified class, but we had to use the China Girl engine as our base...
I bought my kit the next payday, then had to find a bike to put it on so I found a good mountainbike at a pawn shop for cheap, bought it, stripped it down and added the kit. Went to work the next monday and told him I got one running. He told me he was going to buy one when our bonuses were given to us since we were expecting a nice size bonus this year. We got the bonus checks, then we both got layoff notices so he never bought a kit for himself.
I took my money and my severance pay and opened up my own shop and he ended up getting another job in the company but he had to move to Mariland so that left me with a working ride but nobody to ride with.
But after getting mine up and running then starting to do some upgrades I got hooked and spent who knows how much on more engines, more parts,and better tooling to do my own upgrades etc...
Now with the new business in it's infancy it's hard for me to find time to ride or to even mess with the bike but I do plan on taking the bike to the shop so I can work on it and use it to get lunch etc, or the quick run to the store, plus I also have a lot of room to ride it at the shop since it's on a few acres with lots of room in the back. I'm hoping to be able to build a few more to see how they sell, but these I'll keep close to stock so they'll be nice and reliable for the new owners.
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