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Default Re: What got you into all this trouble?

For as long as I can remember, I always wanted something with a motor on it. When I was a Freshman I got a Honda CT70. By the time I was a Junior, I was racing motocross on a much modified Hodaka Super Rat. My street bikes were a Honda SL350, then I got a 1200 Harley. After all these years, I still have that old Honda CT70 that started it all, and a Ducati 250 Scrambler that was last used for flat track racing. I had never really stopped riding bicycles, so when I started seeing these china motor kits, over a decade ago now I guess, I knew that someday I had to have one. Since I was an old motorcycle racer, I naturally gravitated to the boardtrack style bikes. About 10 years or so ago, I was trail riding and found this Huffy mountain bike laying on the trail. Someone had stomped on it bad, the frame was broke at the dropouts and the rear wheel was trashed. So, naturally I brought it home, (being a bike hoarder), and really didn't do anything with it till a few months ago when I decided to get a china motor kit and make a boardtracker out of it. Well I just got it rideable last Tuesday and am having a ton of fun riding it around out on the country roads where I live. Although it looks more like a rat bike now, it will look like a boardtrack racer from back in the day, (as much as a 2 stroke can), before I am through with it. Here's what it looks like now.
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