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Default Re: too rich fuel mix?

Originally Posted by steven627 View Post
I fired up my beast of creation today trying to break in the motor, (I will post pics soon, This is my previous account Midwest Autowerks, I just got a new account) its an 80cc on a bmx frame, chopped and welded, it ran great today but when I thought to add a little more 2 stroke oil to break in the engine it seemed like the gas wasn't making power.

did the volatility of the fuel go down? I cant tell, has anyone had this problem when breaking in the motor?
adding more oil actually leans it out !!!

think about it like this rich and lean are terms used to describe how much gas a motor is getting so ..

if you have 2 of the same bikes and one is run at 100:1 and the other at 10:1 and bolth are jetted the same the bike with 100:1 is getting MORE gas because there is less oil mixed in the fuel taking up space its getting like 99% gas and 1% oil where as the bike with the 10:1 mix is getting less gas because the fuel is made up of 10% oil and 90% gas

so 10:1 is more oil and its 90% gas
100:1 is less oil and 99% gas

wich mix would run richer ???
the 100:1 !!!! why because there is more gas in the fuel

so remember adding oil actually LEANS OUT YOUR MIX !!!!!!!!
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