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Default Re: What got you into all this trouble?

when i was 12 my grandfather built me a REAL wizzer motor bike i think it was like 130cc 4 stroke or something LOL it was the most awsome thing ever... it was stolen by the family black sheep and pawned for illict substances....... my dad was a motorcycle mechanic and i was about 13 now and wanted anothe one but all we had around for motors was a big huge 80cc 2 stroke stihl demo saw........ this was before the internet LOL the fastest computer out was a 286DX LOL LOL LOL anyway we wound up welding a rear rack up on a BMX bike and mounting it on the rack with a centrifugal clutch to a large bike peg and had it mounted friction drive.... this was the fastes bike i have ever riden to this day !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i toped it out at 50mph on a dirt road in vermont !!!!! my cousin riding next to me on an atv clocking me.. it was confiscated by the cops in less than 6 month i had to go to court for speeding and riding a improper motorvehical or somehting, hey i was a kid and i flew by a salem mass cop going 45 in a 30 mph zone on a frankinstien bicycle lol that was that ....

fart foward 20 years and lost my job and my car because of finantial trouble ... well i remembered that old school wizzer i had and wanted somehting like it so i did a google search for motorized bicycles and it led me here, i wound up with a grubee gt5 kit and a dax f80 and still bolth motors are unsatifastory for there displacement in terms of power out put and build quality and QC, but the do have enough power to move a bike along though and after a lot of modding and rebuilding and porting i can get her up to about 40 but no where near as powerfull as that old wizzer or the frankenstien demo saw bike not even close.

if i could go back and do it again i would have used a 100cc yamaha kart motor with a cent clutch or a honda gx 160 but now i am stuck with 2 underpowered china 2 smokers..... LOL ahhh whacha gona do ???? i knew they were that cheap for a reason !
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