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Default Re: Splitting the crankcase

ohh and when reasembleing i must warn you that there is a sweet spot to the case ....

you will need to keep all the bolts just barley snug and give the case little taps back and forth and spinning the crank at the same time or in intervals to find the best place of alignment.... the case will wiggle a little it doesnt seem like mutch but if the crank shaft is not perfectly lined up with the bearing bosses and then tightend exactly that way it will be slightly out of alignment and cause excesse were on the bearings and drag on the crankshaft

mine turns near efffortlessly after 45min of tapping backand forth and tightening and testing and loosening and tapping and retightening and testing exe.... but it was worth it because once fully asembled the bottom end turns over the entire assembly clutch and all with only a single finger with verry little efffort.... stock it had a ton of drag and it was slightly mis aligned causeing it to turn over with a LOT more difficulty.
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