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Default Re: Splitting the crankcase

i actually take a socket and pound out the clutch shafte with the gear still on it so it leaves a hollow with one bearing in the other side then i carfully seperate the case by lightly tapping the crank shaft with a plastic hammer wile holding the top half of the case..... it will seperate and come apart in your hands....

hey since your case is appart..... you should stuff around the bearing bosses with jb weld and bring your case presure up to a decent amount and port match the case transfers to the jug transfers and smooth out the entire inside of the case and round out and flow the inside castings of the case transfers, it will cost you only your time and will make an unbelievable differance !!!!!!!!!!

i have a thread with step by step videos of a grubee build... grubee gt5 from the case up.. in the performance section where i show rod and piston and crank combos and some real good case work and case stuffing and csae transfer port to jug match flowing

you should check it out ... the beginning if the thread is me tryi g to figure out what i want to do with the build but by page 2 its all set to go

if i were you i would visit juice moto parts and pick up there rebuild kit it has all custom cut copper gaskets and sks case bearings and seals and you can even choose the thickness of the base gasket and the head gasket

i run a thick base gasket 1.5mm and a .45 mm or .016 head gasket
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