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Default Re: Shifter Kit Overall Good but 1 issue

That video was done a long time ago before I had the shift kit. I have not made a video recently.

As for the "adjusting the engine 6 times" thing, that's what SBP makes the tensioner for - you won't have to adjust your motor again. I had to adjust mine twice to get the chain to keep the correct tension. Some people may have to do it more, some less. it all depends on the frame, your mounts, how tight you get them, etc.

The side plate twisting, I'm willing to bet it is due to installing in a non-standard way.

My bike is built as a commuter as well. I don't currently use it to commute as it's usually 20 degrees or so in the morning, but once it warms up I will. I'm taking the time currently to get all the bugs worked out BEFORE I use it as a commuter.

ALL the problems with this kit I have seen posted publicly have been due to a non-standard installation. If you take your time and install in the suggested manner, I don't think you'll have an issue. And somehow if you do end up with an issue due to a faulty part, SBP will take care of you.

SBP has been great about their products and support. I will gladly stand proud in support of what they're doing.