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Default Re: What got you into all this trouble?

Wow, the 'WayBack' machine Mr. Peabody.

Re: What got you into all this trouble?

I had a 'rough life spell' back in 2009.
In short I was on my own, had no money, DL, or even a vehicle if I did.
My 25+ year home based computer business was going down the toilet with everything going i-Whatever so I had little income.

A good friend bought me a new bicycle so I could get around.

I was too beat up and old to pedal where I needed to go even back then, so then I just googled something like 'bicycle pedal help' or something and came across all kinds of kits to add a motor to a bicycle.

OK, cool, I spent a few weeks seeking out info and got a 48cc Skyhawk kit and bolted it in.

On like my 3rd or 4th trip to the grocery store I guy walked up and offered me a wad of cash for it so I sold it to him and walked home.

Built another but started changing things with my own parts and it was pretty fun!

I can't remember if it was build #2 or #3 but a die hard over two decade computer customer brought his PC by for me to fix and he seen the just finished MB.

We started talking and in the end he loaned me $2,500 to build 3 different styles/price range MB's and whatever tools I needed.

I did, he's paid off, I am still working from home making some money, and having a blast building whatever me or a customer can think of.

The sad side is I can't take another spill, not even walking in the hallway, so I don't venture out on my creations much anymore.
It's not like I don't trust the machine, I just don't trust my body and even a little mistake could be fatal to me.

I will have to take this Sun 7-speed electric recumbent trike out for a spin though.
The big Fat Tire gas and electric shifters and 86cc 4-stroke 4-speed shifter 'Dirt Bike with pedals' probably not.

Knowledge, skill and wisdom are learned usually with age and can't be taken away.
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