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Default Re: *shakes head, rolls eyes*

Originally Posted by Rudz View Post
Thank goodness I didn't noob out and buy a boost bottle or I'd never hear the end if it. Lmfao.
lol.. we try to do everything we can to prevent those who are new from buying B.S. like that... there's a lot of hype and B.S. on ebay and the bad part is those sellers are laughing all the way to the bank.

Have you seen those nitrous.. um... NOS.. kits they sell for thens bikes and pocketbikes etc?
They *might* add a whopping 1/4 hp for about 3 seconds... if they even work at all. They're made from those CO2 cartrige type tire inflators, some aquarium tubing, and the NOS is one of those nitrous cartriges they use for making whipped cream since they're pretty much the same size... total cost for all the parts is under $20 but sellers are making a killing off these for about triple that cost.

Now I just need that link for that snake oil so I can run my mix at 10,000:1... Just add one drop per gallon and go...
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