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Default Re: Engine warm up

All I can say is that if everyone don't do things exactly my way and have every 2 stroke manaul memorized so it can be quoted perfectly then they're WRONG

This is why we have forums... because the above coment is totally freakin absurd... we're here to trade opinions and what works for me may not be what somebody else wants to do or try, manuals are great, but not 100% correct all the time every time. there is a LOT of talent in here and all the help any newb could ask for in order to build a kit and get a bike running very nicely without ever turning a wrench before buying the kit. We don't always agree on everything and we do argue from time to time but we also walk away from our keyboards friends at the end of the day... for the most part... if you ask in here or any forum about break in procedures you'll get a different answer from each member in here, same about oil brands and mix ratios, but if it worked for that preson and that person has had his engine running without issues for any ood length of time it's totally wrong to come out and call them wrong... that's what worked for them.

As far as warmup procedures there are also LOTS of different opinions and those opinions should be respected, especially when it's coming from members who have had their bikes running for years... and still running so whatever they're doing isn't hurting their engine and their opinion should count. I do a lot of things others don't agree with but my engine has never failed me, and others do things I don't always agree with but they haven't blew up their engines either, so we argue about it for a while then shake hands and walk away friends. That's what forums are for anyway...

I fully agree about not letting an air cooled engine sit and run for longer than a few minutes without air flowing over the fins, but at idle with no load the engine won't get nearly as hot as running under load so these time limits are pretty flexable once you consider idle rpm, idle fuel mix, air temperature etc, etc, etc... 10 minutes here in Texas in the afternoon parked in a parking lot outside may be a very bad idea, but 5 minutes in the garage or in the shade on a cool morning would be pretty much harmless.

Unless you know the other person's exact running conditions, be careful before jumping in to correct that person, it may be perfectly ok what they're doing in their individual conditions...

So somewhere in all this long windded post, the point is there's no reason to get all butt hurt when others come in here with a different opinion than yours... at least until you know a little more about their exact conditions...
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