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Default Re: Head badge removal and reinstall

What is the head badge made of? Metal, with rivets or a sticker?
The one on my Nirve bikes was metal but held on with cheap double sided tape. I use
3M adhesive remover to take them off.

If a metal badge with rivets they can be removed, if you use care. With the stem out of the head tube it is possible to tap the rivets out from the inside just enough to get a hold on them with a tool, like small side cutters. Reinstalling them the same way with new drive rivets That can me driven in with a small hammer. I believ it was Bairdco who outlined this in an old thread. If I find it I will post a link here later.

If it is a mylar sticker, good luck. Heat will soften the adhesive but can distort the image. Chemical adhesive remover might wash off any ink or colors.

Hopefully there will be other suggestions from members to help you.

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