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Default Re: Opti-2 Great stuff!

I too built a bike in November with a new dax motor. Broke it in with opti2 at reccomended mixture. I commute to work on it 3 or 4 days a week, much of it at top speed for extended periods. No mess, no smoke.

My motor may fail someday, who knows. I do believe that a lot of the "conventional wisdom" about lubricants are based on marketing agendas, not unbiased facts born from data.

For example, I run motor oil in a transmission that called for an atf factory fill, and its a 5 speed manual. Crazy? Nope. I'm pushing well over twice the power it it had from the factory through it. Including dig launches on a 2-step at the dragstrip. Its doing much better than it ever did with the specified fluid, and has been for over 100k!
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