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If you think that I am over thinking get you a piston and mic it at the top then mic it at the bottom of the skirt. It will measure smaller at the top than at the bottom. The reason for that is that piston is going to expand more at the top from the heat caused by combustion. so when the motor is cold you are running with a loose piston until the top expands. that is more noticeable in two stroke motors. If you get you a stethoscope and listen to a cold motor at the top end then listen to a motor that has warmed up you can hear the piston slapping on acceleration and deceleration. I was taught by a world record holder at Bonneville. If you check the bonneville speed records you will see the name Woody Leone. He still holds the world speed record for a 650 twin cylinder Triumph 178.26 mph He taught me how to work on bikes some motorcycle dealers will tell he was one of the best mechanical engineers in the world he had motorcycle racers from as for away as Japan bring bikes to him because of his experience with his mechanical knowledg e and his R&D high speed Dyno I learned to work on motorcycles from him and I am not saying I know everything because I learn things every day myself. But if you don't want my input on this site I will shut up and you all can figure it out for yourself
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