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Originally Posted by 2door View Post
Man, George, so sorry to hear this. I think a thief is the lowest form of life. We can only hope he gets what he deserves
That goes double true when it's something you built yourself.
Triple true when it's something someone else paid you to build and stolen before they take delivery because you have to replace it ASAP.

I have only had one bike stolen and it really sucked.
It was back when I first started building MB's and decided to get serious with it.

I borrowed $2,500 to build 3 'types' of MB's and a bunch of quality tools and equipment.

I had a basic cheap 2-stroke on a beach cruiser, a 2-stroke on a nice mountain bike with shocks and V brakes, and a really nice tricked out 2-stroke jackshafted build in the garage and it was left open one Saturday afternoon at my old place.

The low end model was door #1 closest to the thief and what he took.
Ya, I was out ~$350 in parts and a days of time, but it could have been much more costly had he picked door #3 the farthest back bike or I would have been out over a grand and two weeks worth of time.

In the Arab world thieves loose an entire hand
I would be happy with just a single blow to the thieves hand with my 4# engineers (sledge) hammer.

It does a bang up job on tough things that need some adjustment.
All puns intended ;-}
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