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Default Re: Shifter Kit Overall Good but 1 issue

Originally Posted by fm2200 View Post
I was gonna get one these jack shaft kits, but the latest posts I've read is making me rethink about this product, its seems that there going to have to make a some major modifications on this kit. Im sure there is workable solution to problems encountered with chain wear causing to much slack etc but as far as I can tell it seems for now I'll be holding back on getting one and keep my vibrating single speed situation.

Allow me to kindly address your concerns.

I can for one assure you that no "major modifications" are needed. I can also, absolutely assure you that chain wear is not causing "to (sic) much slack etc". We have a very simple solution for folks with a slack chain issue: Chain Adjuster and for dialing in the perfect chain length: 1/2Link. Folks do need to know if the engine can move, the chain will get some slack. Other than that we have 100's of happy customers, with zero issues. Thanks!