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Default Hello from Cleveland

Hello everyone my name's Joey and I've just purchased my first bicycle kit from engineonlineshop and I decided to go with the Flaming Horse 80cc kit, to be installed on a vintage AMF Roadmaster Deluxe.

I come from the moped world, having owned and built about 7 of them and after selling them all, I have been debating if I should get another moped. Unfortunately for me, the moped prices have been steadily increasing and I wasn't able to find anything worth buying under $450. That was a bit more than what I wanted to pay at the moment, so a motorized bike was my next choice.

I have wanted to built one for awhile but never looked too much into it. I did some research on the China-made kits and the Flaming Horse has good reviews here. So, its been ordered and now I can't wait. I'm sure I'll have some questions but overall, after watching a few vids, it seems like it won't be difficult at all.

I'll post some pics of the bike and built when ready.
Thanks for the time!
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