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Default Re: Towing on break in and a squeak ?

Originally Posted by skitchfish View Post
Hen, Are you pulling the clutch in when going downhill? It's just my opinion but, If you use the engine for braking when going downhill it is not getting as much lubrication as normal because your still turning the same number of rpm without being on the gas. Do you understand what I'm saying? When you pull the clutch in order to slow down going downhill the engine goes to Idle and is being lubricated as normal.
Sure do ,when I'm going down hill I engage clutch and use front and coasters to stop ,it only occurs when I'm throttling down but I've noticed it's seems to be a tad quieter today ,not by much but enough to be noticeable ,I can say it's definately NOT the motor as when I engage the clutch the noise disappears and the motor runs beautifully ,it seems to be a scrTching/rubbing noise that has something to do with the clutch , I don't want to lube in the area for fear of clutch slip due to oil on the pads or similar ,I suppose I'll just take it easy and see if it disappears after a while
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