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Default Re: HEET/GasDry, winter riding and frozen jets

Originally Posted by Bikeguy Joe View Post
I'll talk to Mrs. Joe, she's half Sioux.
nice. tell her i said, "wopila, kola!" for the gas cap idea.
but, that isnt it. the bike is stored indoors until its time to go, so theres no ice on cap and i have plenty of fuel in the line/filter. good idea, though.
we got 9-10 inches of snow in 24 hrs, and the plows arent keeping up very well, except for the main roads. i wont be able to test new plug, or coil, or carb, or magneto until tomorrow.

EDIT: could a non-venting cap still be a problem, even with full fuel line?
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Originally Posted by Bikeguy Joe View Post
You are one sick man spun, I like that quality in a person.

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