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Originally Posted by livesteamfan View Post
Yeah. Her main thing is that there's a cop that lives around the corner that has been threatening to give me a $500 ticket because it's illegal to ride the thing, but he's never been on duty when he's yelled at me. But, I finally have written permission from an FHP officer that has shut him up for good and we're moving out of the neighborhood anyway. But also, the one that she tried out had v-brakes on it that didn't work and that kind is the worst things I've ever worked with. Caliper, coaster, or disc is the way to go from how I see it. The v-brakes needed constant adjustment; just about ever mile, sometimes every single time I used them. As long as I can do what I have to and be back before she gets home, she'll never know that it's even moved.
Not sure if you are up on the law in Florida, but its legal:

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