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Default Re: Need a lil help here

2Door I understand what your saying right now about the ratio. But it's already mixed, don't have any other gas can around How would I dilute this to what your talking about? So I need to add a !/2 gallon of gas to equal a 24:1 ratio?
LArger motor mount with new allen heads
different angle
Back engine mount
Even on both sides
My $3.40 cable stop from Ace.
Zip Ties on the CDI wires and kill switch wires
My New Modified Chain Guard, Works. Cut 1/2" from the front off, And cut 3" off the back. Used the thickness as a gauge to cut the metal, kept a straight edge down the top.
I've got thorn proof Thick Tubes in the tire yet I have a flat tire again. Grrr. ..... Finale adjustments to the clutch and dilute the oil mix and Prey. ...... Honestly not really a God person but everything Helps at this point in time. lol

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