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Default Re: Motorized Bicycle Take a Tip...Leave a Tip

If you have a problem with dogs chasing you- eventually they get old and bored and leave you alone...if they are smart.
For those dogs not born with brains:
cost me 34.95 online No license required recharges in the wall socket, Excellent Flashlight, Even Better "Zap" Deterrent. Haven't had a problem with the neighbors Dog anymore. !!! He got 1 time to close to my leg and now he runs the opposite direction every time he see's me. 1 sec stun 5 minutes on the ground wondering what Mack truck just hit you. 2 second burst 5-10 minutes getting your brain back in gear, and the wetness from between your legs. 3 second burst, paralyzed . Any more then that you can melt the tips off it.
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