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Default Re: Need a lil help here

By suggestions from the Face Book account , I Added M6 x 30 for the front mounting studs and M6 x 60 Allen head cap bolts for the rear mounting studs, added loctite blue. Had to re-set the chain and adjust more slack then before float is level, $$3.40 for a wire cap here (swivel wire nut), Cleaner look, black goes with color of engine. stronger. Now where the engine sits I do not have to adjust the muffler it clears the pedals. Most of the problems solved. I have to adjust the clutch tomorrow and fix a rear flat tire and POUR the gas finally lol
Luckily I have a 1 gallon 4 oz gas can lol. I'm going with the 8-6-4 oil treatment idea. 8 fluid oz. the 1st 2 tanks fulls, 6 fluid oz. on the next 2 tanks fulls, 4 fluid oz there after.
Will Post pics tomorrow. Hope you Enjoy Your Cooler weather, Supposed to be 116 degree's or 45-47 celsius here tomorrow.
And thank you all here and FB for the help I really do appreciate it.
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