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Smile Re: Towing on break in and a squeak ?

Well I just finished the towing ride and she run very well indeed.
She starts better than any

I didn't push her to much and when waiting for the 6 minutes at a traffic stop I stopped her and felt the temp ,no overheat issues at all

The only issue I'm having now is this chattering ,I'll explain more maybe someone can help as to where it's coming from .

When I throttle up no issues , no noise at all but when I'm throttling down ( some would say engine braking ) she chatters somewhat like a che che che sound ,when i engage the clutch it stops all together

I'm guessing the large toothed cog area under the cover on the RHS of the motor needs more lubing ( please excuse my analurgy) but I just want to be sure it's no other issue .

I would have greased her up already but realised I'd left my tub of grease in the shed at the old premises and suspect it will be gone now ,it was high temp machine grease my old man gave me from working on a mining plant as it was meant to be one of the best and didn't break down to quickly

Would marine grease do the job ,my neighbour has a tub of this for his boat or could one of you blokes suggest a good but lower on the price range oil ( being school fee season cash is a bit tight)

I appreciate everyone's comments aswell ,it gave me the confidence to tow the kids to school knowing my little motor wouldn't suffer


Regards Henshooter
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