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Angry Stripped mounting stud socket

Today I noticed Lola was lagging and making a lot of noise. Got home and realized the whole stud on the right rear had worked its way out and was now somewhere baking in the unforgiving AZ sun.

No problem right? Just replace it... Only somehow the socket is so terribly stripped that the new stud seems to be at least a millimeter too small. Like, when the stud came out, it took 90% of the threading with it. It literally would slip right out from gravity alone.

I'm not sure how that could even happen, but I imagine I'm going to have to take it to a machine shop and have it re-set, but was wondering if anyone here had any suggestions or input.

My novice go-to MacGuyver solution would be to try forcing the next larger sized stud into that socket, but I realize that would probably make things worse.

I've only had her about four months - the engine (and bike) were brand-new when she was built.
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