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Default Re: Need some help diagnosing.

I always like to stipulate to a new builder that when we say re-tighten a fastener, what we mean is to 'check the tightness' preferably with a torque wrench.

Tightening, to many, means feeling/seeing the wrench turn the fastener. That's where you can get into trouble with stripped threads. If you use a torque wrench, and you should be using one, you can 'check' the tightness but not exceeed the torque value you've set the wrench for.

Too many times I've read this: "I re-tightened the head bolts like I read to do here but they stripped out".

There's a world of difference between 'checking the tightness of' and 'tightening' a fastener. And that goes for any fastener.

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