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Default Re: First Goped Ride - finally got all the "street legal" stuff on her and started he

I bought one from this guy several 8? weeks ago

no customer support - not surprised, I stripped a couple of bolts - took me 2-weeks to find the odd thread/pitch/length on my own. I emailed "dealer" for a couple of bolts - got nothing - no bolts no reply.

would have started here up sooner but:

- took a trip/vacation/ ordering all the parts to make this thing Street Legal in my Town (Norman has a website with the requirements, and states in print "these scooters are "street legal" if they comply with the above listed items) - which I complied with and printed out - and will carry with me if any cops hassle me.

my first post was in "introduce" - are gopeders welcome here - posted in mid May I think. I provided a couple of other links to the same "scooter" in that thread also.

It has a chain BTW (I'm using Silicone spray - BTW how often do I need to spray the chain?).

I have zero mechanical ability - I figure this will force me to learn a little - and hopefully not something that will be out of my depth.

500 bucks for the scooter - another 100 for all the street legal crap.
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