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Default First Goped Ride - finally got all the "street legal" stuff on her and started her up

2 hrs and 20 miles later - survived my travails on 8" wheels/ 18 mph beast.

She purrs like a kitten - started up on second pull on first ever start-up - runs like a Tortoise.

My 2 hrs/20 miles of adventure and discovery in my neighborhood involved 5 cops!, 5 vegetable gardens I never new existed before (driven down the same roads in my car for years and never saw them!), waved to at least 15 people walking/jogging/gardening (people wave when you ride a clown-mobile w/ happyface flag - lol), and at the donut shop two 10 yr old kids pointed at my Motor Bike and told their mom how kewl it was (that when I knew I was in trouble - lol).

First Cop (of the five I saw in the first hour - lol - does my town need this many cops? (no)) followed me for 4 blocks, turning with me 3 times! ------------ I did my hand signal thing and stopped fully at stop signs while trying not to act paranoid.....................finally turned away. I've got Motorcycle Mirrors/Seat/Bicycle rack and saddlebags and even a Motorcycle vanity plate "2Horse" with a vanity frame "35cc Flea Hopper" ----------------just to make my Tortoise (Flea) "look" registered/legal.

Of course there is no need to register (and you can't my bike has no vin) and still be legal in my town as long as you fall within the steps need for a "street legal motororized scooter (i.e. Goped) - but I suspect many town cop don't know this, so the fake Plate to keep them off my back, so to speak.


How many miles before a Haushing(sp) 4-stroke is consided "brokin in"??

Will all the crap I put on here - windsceen/mirrors/horn/lights/speedmeter/tachometer/front basket/back rack with saddles/cupholder...................................(all this probably = 40 lbs) - plus I'm 180 (and referenced rider for this thing WRT to specs is 150) - so I'm 70 lbs overweight with a new engine - top speed is 18 mph...........spec for 150 lbs rider with not extra crap is 25 mph.

I'd like to get that, but probably have to live with 18. ;-/.

one car passed me, almost ran over a squirrel, tried to move a cat out of the street with my horn - he just glared at me -lol. brave/dumb cat (lying in the street - I was trying to help him!

Will provide pictures of my Flea - after I figure out how to upload the vid to my PC - take a screen-shot of vid for a pict and then upload the pict through this forum.

so prob in a couple of weeks or so.


In conclusion, I gotta say it was fun (BTW this tiny 8" wheels are "jumpy" - had not idea how jumpy they were until I got on gravel/pothole roads!) if slow. A bit noisy, but not all that bad - better than 2-stroke for sure. Seems my speedometer is calibrated correctly (got lucky) when it said 16 mph - street speed sign told me I was going 15 mph.

see ya. thanks for a great forum BTW.
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