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Default Re: Towing on break in and a squeak ?

Originally Posted by GearNut View Post
Have you greased the gears, bearing and bucking bar?
Is the engine chain rubbing the inside of the sprocket cover?
Have you checked the head nuts for proper torque after the engine has cooled down?

Towing the kids should not be a problem so long as you help the engine out alot during takeoff and don't go too fast. Try to ease the strain on it as much as you can.
Thanks Gearnut ,I've greased the large toothed sprocket that is on the RHS of the motor and the cog where the chain enters the motor but I'm not sure where else to grease ,could you give me a link to a tutorial if you know of one off hand ,I've searched here and can't find any

Please excuse my lack of knowledge mate I'm used to 6c ford 250 motors but these little 2strokers are a whole different beast

I extremely appreciate your constant Input my friend ,I know I can be a pain in the arse most of the time but was taught there's no stupid question

Light travels faster than sound ,ergo some may appear smart until you hear them speak

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