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Default Re: Opti-2 Great stuff!

For break in ratios, you can ask 10 people and get 10 different answers... I'll usually make mine a little more oil rich for the first tank or about 30 minutes of run time then switch to my regular ratio... I'm not talking about going 16:1 tho because that's way too much oil, but with conventional oils, maybe like 20 or 25:1 then go to 32:1, or just start out with 32:1 standard 2 stroke oil (high quality non synthetic) then switch to the Opti2 after the first tank at 75:1 to 100:1 or Amsoil Dominator at 40:1 to 50:1, you can also use Amsoil Saber anywhere from 32:1 up to 100:1, but Saber does best at the higher mix ratios so I probably wouldn't go under 50:1 with it either.

Most will agree not to use synthetic during break in or at least the first tank full because synthetic is a lot slicker than conventional oils and may not allow the rings to seat all the way. Others will say use synthetic right from the get go and have successfully seated the rings on it, but I prefer non synthetic for the first 30 minutes of run time... You'll get all kinds of opinions on this part... The best thing I can say to do is NOT let it overheat whatever you do during break in and you'll most likely be ok.
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