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Default Re: Gioiello - antique Italian motor for bicycle

That's a pretty old and most likely rare engine so finding help on the actual engine will be difficult but if you got a good basic 2 stroke knowledge you should be able to take care of it. If you can find out the bore & stroke and measure everything you should be able to come up with replacement parts by comparing what you got to other engines of similar size and dimensions. Stuff like the crank, the cylinder, head, and cases will be hard to replace but the internals like the piston, piston pin, bearings, and rings you might find a chainsaw or large RC model engine that has the same size parts for replacement. The carb can usually be replaced the same way.
Another good source for parts is if you know the sizes of the parts that need replacement, and just about all bearings can be replaced or upgraded online or at a local bearing shop if you have the dimensions. Same with the drive system like clutch components etc...
I'd be all over google looking up as much as I could find out about it, but if info is scarce, you could take the head off and measure the bore size and even the stroke with a set of calipers and a dial indicator or a depth micrometer etc. IF a bearing is bad like for example the piston pin bearing, you measure the diameter of the pin, the diameter of the hole in the piston, and the width of the bearing, then take those 3 measurements and look at some online bearing shops and you'll usually be able to find a replacement, the same goes for all the bearings, and this can also be applied to the piston and rings if needed by measuring the diameter of it, the diameter of the pin hole, and the distance from the pin to the top of the piston and to the bottom of the piston. All gaskets can be made pretty easily if you need a new gasket for the head, base, or cases, most of them can be cut out from gasket paper but the head gasket can be cut out from copper sheet or dead soft aluminum.
Of course, the more you can find out about the engine the better, but for general repairs, replacement parts etc, we can help you in that area.
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