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Default Re: Need a lil help here

From the pictures it looks like your install is going pretty good, but like mentioned above, use zip ties for your wiring and also for your CDI unit, these are notorious for breaking the mount ears off but a piece of rubber from an old grip then use 2 long zip ties and it will hold it in place just fine.
The exhaust pipe does bend pretty easy but don't try to bend it installed on the engine because it can snap off the studs or distort the flange and cause a leak before it bends, If the exhaust flange nuts keep backing out, locktite the studs in and then use 2 nuts on each stud to lock them into place, you can also double nut anything else where you have problems with the nuts backing out.

Opening up the holes slightly on the exhaust flange or slightly elongating them might give you just the right amount of play to move it out of the way of the pedals so that's definitely worth a try, then if that trick don't work, you can get creative on how to bend it slightly.
If you don't have a vise to use to bend your exhaust pipe you might be able to bend it by clamping it to something solid enough to hold it while bending, and you could insert a jack handle or something else that's stronger than the pipe into the end of the pipe for leverage and just gently pull it in the direction you need to bend it in, there are some creative ways to get it done, but if you have a friend who has a vise that would be the easiest and safest. Also check your flange with a straight edge to make sure that surface is flat and true, a distorted flange will leak and cause the hardware to constantly back out and loosen up.

There are a lot of good ideas in here how to get things to fit right and to work so feel free to ask
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