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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

Thanks man... Gonna need that luck starting out...

Yeah, my expansion chamber looks all funky now with all these pie slices cut out and new metal welded in and all, I even had to add about 5" more to the belly section so it would route the way I wanted it to go but that should also bring the powerband down to a lower rpm. It's nice and strong on the low end already and take offs from a dead stop are very easy and pleasant, but then it starts to make power really fast once it gets going, I'm actually kinda hoping it don't take too much from the top and put all the power too far down the rpm range, but I do plan on getting a few more used KTM pipes to weld and cut on so once I get this one routed right and making power where I want it to I can just cut up one pipe and put the bends where they're needed without all the extra welds all over the place so it'll look nice too... lol
The bike does look pretty radical with the noleen front end installed and the expansion chamber but it'll look much better with only a few welds instead of several at each bend.
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