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Default Re: Need a lil help here

[q]"Sometimes all that you need to do is enlarge the mounting holes in the flange so the pipe will swivel slightly."[q/]
I'll try this idea before I try bending the pipe, Especially since I don't have a vice near by to use.
I already removed the rubber by the mounts it was causing problems to begin with. The mounting studs and the exhaust studs have already backed out So I applied locktite blue on them. After I come up with a clutch wire to clutch arm connector. I plan to go back over everything and re-tighten I wired everything up and taped the wires to the frame away from the exhaust the best I could considering the limited places to place the coil.I ran the throttle cable under the gas tank brackets to keep a better movement. Dropped 7 links from the chain, installed it, It clears the tire nicely.
I bent the idler sprocket more in alignment with the chain instead of the frame.
tire and chain clearance
the problems my brake lever and throttle are having
Still got to go to Ace and get a wire end screw.
Chain looks good.
I wanted to make sure this looks right. Back engine mounting bolts. Do I need to cover the rest of the bolt with washers?
front mounting hardware on
The rubber I was going to use on the frame went under the tank to raise it enough to free up the wires.
AS you can see the coil wires are just not long enough to put it anywhere else. there close to the muffler but, it's not like I have much places to put them away from the muffler.
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