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Default Re: Need a lil help here

Almost without exception the chain guards that come with the kits will need to be trimmed and a little ingenuity applied to mount them. Usually they will need trimming to clear the rear tire. A lot of builders don't use them at all but some of us feel they are a safety device that should be there.

DO NOT use any rubber (old grip) in the engine mount. NO RUBBER or any resilient material between the engine and the frame. The engine should be mounted solid to the frame.

Pedal to muffler/exhaust clearance is an issue that has been covered here many times. The pipe can be bent/twisted to clear. Heat isn't necessary. The pipe will cold bend as long as you clamp the flange in a vice and go slowly. Usually it doesn't take much. Sometimes all that you need to do is enlarge the mounting holes in the flange so the pipe will swivel slightly.

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