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Default Re: Opti-2 Great stuff!

i tried it at 100:1 and rejetted and went back to run lucas oil at 32:1............ the bike just runs cooler and the plug is perfect at that ratio and oil mix, i also feel a noticable amount of more power in the top end due to the leaner gas mix and since i have been running lucas oil , my jugs cylinder walls look amazing even after wide open raceing abuse and torcher !!! its my firm belief that the higher up in rpms you go the more oil and less gas you need but the main jet needs to be larger to compensate for the leaner fuel mix than it would need to be at 100:1.

if i had a bone stocker yeh i would run it at 100:1 all day with amsoil or opti 2 given it will never really exceed 5,500 rpm and the load on the motor and bearings and con rod and heat and friction generated at that rpm is far far far less than what i am turnning out now at 13:1 comp stuffed case full port and polish with 120 deg intake and an exhaust port 60% the width of the bore and a lot of blowdown time for higher dynamic comp... and when hitting 9,000 to 10,000 rpms on the regular for moderatly long drag runs there is no way on this green earth that, that ludacrisly small amount of oil is going to cut it and fully lube all the internals and cushion them from the force and heat of friction at those speeds.

its probably why no kart racer has ever ever run any kart motor ever at 100:1 LOL

the yahmaha 125's turn out 15,000 rpms and most will do a double take at you and stare with a blank face if you run richer than 32:1 most kart guys run at 20:1 or 25:1 and use damn near half caster oil .......

this stuff is not for race bikes or moto cross its spacificly designed for weed eaters and chainsaws with light loads and moderate rpm ranges
here to stay and compleatly insane ! deal with it lol

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